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I sort of stumbled across this really interesting article about hipster culture which is the cover of Adbusters magazine this month (a publication with hipster connotations itself, sort of perpetuating the duality of all of this). Judging from what I'm seeing online, more and more people are begining to notice this problem; a life of contradictions if there ever was one.

I really strongly urge all of you guys to read it, because it definately hits home and also raises some good points. I know none of us identify ourselves as hipsters, but I know all of us have denied accusations of hipsterdom at some point.

It makes me wonder. The author seems to think that today's hipsters are different from those of the past because there is no movement or message behind the identity, however fake it may be. Is this the case? What does it mean, if our generation is the first group who actively take part in assuming an identity that they also wish to deny? How is the state of the world shaping this identity? Most importantly, if Adbusters is right, what do you think will happen?



Ahem, ANDY, Ahem.

leaves n' leavin said...

my problem with this article is that it's way too dramatic. every youth culture since the 50s has been declared the "dead end of western culture." Sure, hipsters arguably have a lack of direction, which this article points out, but is it really as different from previous generations as this article is claiming? Or perhaps, have we just reached the end of the hipster counter-culture cycle only to spring up another reactionary counter-culture. It seems to me that Urban Outfitters isn't doing anything that different from companies in the late 60s who were pushing hippie culture even as hippie culture declined.

leaves n' leavin said...

also - hating hipsters is SOOOO hipster.

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