A Son With What You Pound... several, actually

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Wilt Chamberlain may be known as one of the most prolific sexual beings in recent history, reportedly sleeping with over 20,000 women (1.14 women a day for 48 years), but he's got nothing on this man:

In a recent population study, some scientists found that an inordinate amount of males in Asia (in what amounts to the geographical area of the former Mongol Empire) share the same genetic mutation of their Y chromosome. Mutations of the Y Chromosome allow scientists to track blood lines because they are one of the only parts of the male DNA that can be passed unchanged across generations. The study found that 0.5% of the world's population, some 16 million males, share a genetic mutation that can be traced back to the time of Genghis Kahn; in other words, Genghis Kahn has over 16 million male descendants! Sorry, Abraham, but you only have 13.2 million descendants as of 2007.

If you have the balls to ask yourself, "Is this sweet?" just take a look at that picture and say, "That dude had the hugest mack of all time." Who knows if he slept with as many women as Wilt Chamberlain. A major reason Kahn will always have more sons than Chamberlain is because he passed on his great mack to his sons and grandsons. His grandson, Kubla Khan got mad stately pleasure-dome.

(Thanks to Radiolab, National Geographic, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.)


Andy Beers said...

Do you think he ever used the "Wispy beard" mack?

Hot Eatz said...

Dave, I'm loving this. Could I request a "macks of the world" exploratory post series?

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