Evaluate the Mack: Chi-City Man Part 2

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This is part two of the first installment of the "Evaluate the Mack" series.

I realized that I just had so much more to say about the subject of our last post.

First, his name is Chi-City Man, and apparently he invented ghost-riding the whip -- or he at least claims to have introduced it to us. Clearly, he is to be trusted.

Nuance of Chi-City Man's mack that I missed on my first pass:
- The Italian tile mack. wtf?
- His chrome garbage can mack. Who has a garbage can from Egypt? Seriously. Girls can see themselves in it. That's chrome, baby. Egyptian chrome.
- His larger "mack" philosophy revealed: "If [my friend] could just do small things to his shit, like his kitchen and his bathroom, he'll have women everywhere droppin' panties vaginas." So, Chi-City Man, I'll make sure to do small things to my shit.
- A bizarre inconsistency: he proudly displays two bottles of spray-butter and some barbecue sauce... but what food can he even put it on? Having seen his fridge, I have to assume that he puts a lot of BBQ sauce on oreos and frozen pizza.
- Judging from his elaborate plans for keeping kids preoccupied, he's definitely a veteran of the "mom" mack

Clearly his mack is huge -- otherwise I don't see why he would go to such pains to keep his fridge so meticulously stocked. So I suppose there's something to be learned here.


leaves n' leavin said...

you've just upped the ante, beers. well done.

Anonymous said...

There is no inconsistency: dude orders in a lot of food -- that explains the sauces.

Coaltrain said...

got chips on chips in this muthafuck, i mean DAM!

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