The Change We Need

Good morning, internet. About a month ago, my computer hit Y2K and it wasn't until yesterday that I rejoined this marvelous century in which ammunition storage is not measured in terms of days. I hereby accept your invitation to blog. I will be the change we can count on. Second, effective immediately I fully revive this blog. Seriously. Don't let this be one of those things that I somehow don't get in on until after it's pretty much already dead and I've been lost and probably wandered into some Stairwells house party and left with a case and a half of beer and some girl's phone number whose name I don't know. And somehow you fuckers had a better time than I did. Fuck you guys. I'm leaving this blog. Gonna start my own blog.

I need to catch up on past topics. I see Luke (are we using real names or is this like CB radio?) already dropped Palin Syrah on you (10-4!). But I get paid to get a buzz and type awesome shit into the state ABC site for wine distributors. I'll make it a point to add them as I find or remember them.

Proposal- scrap mad dawgs night next time and go with a bro man night.

not to worry. already ordered it.

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