Live Blogging the Debate

Coaltrain (10:39 PM): Final thoughts:

I can't believe this is the debate where the gloves were supposed to come off. That was fairly boring, but that's probably a good thing for Obama. I suspect after the media made such a big deal about McCain going negative, his advisers decided he couldn't mention Bill Ayers or Rev. Wright.

As for performance, McCain seemed pretty awkward overall, and I thought Obama was damn near perfect. But what do I know -- I'd probably take the guy over Jesus.

Edgar Keats (10:32 PM):
Zen? Bringing it all back home.

Coaltrain (10:27 PM):
McCain doesn't just thank soldiers for their service, he does it six times.

Coaltrain (10:25 PM): If I had chosen 'petrodollars' as my drinking game buzzword, I'd be shitfaced right now.

Edgar Keats (10:24 PM):
-Hey man, what are you doing?

Coaltrain (10:21 PM):
This whole 'whether or not to attack Pakistan' issue is really bizarre. McCain and Obama's positions are completely counter-intuitive to what one would expect. And it's all b/c of an answer Obama gave at a debate back in August 2007 when he speculated about an extremely specific situation with "actionable intelligence about bin Ladin" where the Pakistani military was refusing to act. But b/c Obama has to prove he can be strong on defense, and b/c McCain has to prove Obama is naive, they are unable to change their positions.

Edgar Keats (10:17 PM): Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran. Thank you, Obama, thank you.

Coaltrain (10:08 PM)
I love hanging out with Brandon's parents b/c they make the same horribly offensive jokes that we do. For example, Brandon's dad's take on the McCain Doctrine:


Coaltrain (9:59 PM):
McCain tried a joke that fell way flat. And now he's being a total peacemonger on foreign policy.

Edgar Keats (9:52 PM):
Is it wrong that I'm only paying attention to the debate to make jokes to my family and Luke?

Coaltrain (9:45 PM):
OMG this is such a snoozefest. When is McCain gonna say Obama wants Bill Ayers to be his economic adviser? And when is Tom Brokaw going to reprise his role on SNL?

Coaltrain (9:38 PM): Devan, that mooning was in response to your comment.

Edgar Keats (9:35 PM): My brother's input:

Coaltrain (9:30 PM):
Anyone watching CNN w/ that insta-response graph thing? Barry is killin' it round 90% approval every time he talks, while McCain's numbers can't get any higher than his arms (GOT EM!)

Edgar Keats (9:21 PM):
YES! Got 'em!


devan said...

i think i'm winning the (live)blog war

jessica said...

NSFW! geez, brandon.

leaves n' leavin said...

job well done! the fundamentals of our blog are strong.

leaves n' leavin said...

of course by "fundamentals" i mean your bro's butt cheeks.

goddamm this blog is good.

Anonymous said...

we wouldn't want jesus to be president.... he'd just be nailed to the cross and then palin would be president.

Andy said...

To resurrect my favorite freshman year joke:


::Insert picture of lentil soup can next to Amish guy::

But to quote Dave: "This blog is pretty much my social life" -- I completely agree

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