Guilty Pleasure of the Week

On this blog we like to ask the question, "Is this sweet?" but for this particular post I'm going to bypass this question and simply tell you, "Yes, this IS sweet."

This band and this song probably get tons of airplay on the Disney Channel and TRL but I don't really care. I first saw this video a few days ago on mtvU. Had I just heard the song, I might not have given it a second listen; the visual experience really sold it. Male and female alike cannot deny that these girls are almost TOO good-looking to all be in the same band. Unlike other bands composed almost exclusively of girls (i.e. I'm thinking the Pippettes or Sleater Kinney - got 'em, Steph) it's impossible to say with any real authority which one is "the hot one." The one question I have is "Who is that drummer guy and why does he get to be in the band?"

Now, a relevant question you might ask is "Is this blog post sweet?" and you might be right in saying "No way." However, I don't really care. This blog is slowly dying and losing relevancy to us and our audience. If this post serves as a catalyst for more posts, even if their sole purpose is to mock this post, then I lay myself down on the Epic altar.

And just to obviate any easy replies: Got 'em.


Hot Eatz said...


Anonymous said...

delilah would play this shit.

Leaves n' Leavin' said...

woah! got 'em.

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