A Letter to the Advice Column that (now) is Epic Mail

Here is a mack whose success has forever eluded me: the concert mack. How is it done? How can anyone pull this off? I'm mystified. This weekend, in addition to the aforementioned Steampunk Festival, I will be attending at least two shows in the city. And purely in the interest of providing relevant material for this blog (nothing more, I assure you), I will be macking. Hard. Or more likely I'll be sedulously pounding PBR's in the corner alone, hoping Jay Reatard doesn't kick me in the face. But you never know.

Basically, I need some help. Has anyone here completed a successful concert mack? It seems like everyone's parents met through such a mack back in the 70's. Whatever happened to its efficacy? Or am I merely a marked failure in this regard? How can I achieve a successful rock show mack?


Mackless in New Jersey

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Andy said...

You just gotta buy her some flowers, mang

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