Edgar Keats (10:36 PM): I did shit the bed. Sorry.

Coaltrain (10:23 PM):
Obama just threw the X-box playing crowd under the bus. Good thing he's got ads out in their games to win them back:

Edgar Keats (10:20 PM): In regards to McCain's education policy: Fuck you.

Coaltrain (10:06 PM):
Brandon, you're really shitting the bed here. I blame you entirely for the state of this liveblog.

Speaking of gaffes, McCain just got "mixed up" and called Obama "Senator Government". I don't want to think about the number of times I will have to hear again from the National Review, et al.

Edgar Keats (10:04 PM):
Thanks, John McGAFFE.

Honestly, I haven't been paying attention since we stopped talking about Bill Ayers.

Coaltrain (9:59 PM): McCain: I don't have a healthcare plan, and I've got the scars to prove it.

Coaltrain (9:42 PM):
OK, Obama killed it w/ his response on the Ayers. I'm in a slightly better mood, even if this fucking CNN focus group from Ohio isn't.

Coaltrain (9:28 PM):
Fuck. I think Obama might have taken that whole 'he won in the last debate because he was cool/even-tempered' thing too much to heart. He's got that sleepy look, and McCain is getting in a lot of good lines.

Edgar Keats: (9:20 PM):

Coaltrain (9:17 PM): McCain really needs to stop referring to the Great Depression like he was an active participant. And OMG HE'S BRINGING UP THAT PLANETARIAN PROJECTOR AGAIN (Dave, our resident AV nerd, corrects McCain by calling it an "LED Projector")

Edgar Keats (9:12 PM):
Dave's Response: "WHO THE FUCK IS JOE THE PLUMBER?!?!?!?!? FUCK Joe the Plumber."

Coaltrain (9:09 PM):
First 'GOT EM' award of the night: Obama's line that "McCain looks like he's been watching McCain's attack ads".

Coaltrain (9:03 PM):
OK, neither candidate has even started talking and the lines are moving on CNN's insta-response-poll thingy. The men in particular seem to be getting jumpy when they hear Bob Shaeffer.

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