All I Want To Know Is: Who's Coming With Me?

Seriously, it appears I can print as many of these puppies as I want.

And it's no longer at the Arthur Ashe Center, b/c apparently someone, somewhere in the McCain campaign has a sense of irony.

The new venue is Richmond International Raceway.

Anyone up for a lynch mob?


Leaves n' Leavin' said...

Dude - epic assignment: blog the shit out of that event. I'm thinking live interviews with rabid Republicans, pics of huge Republican hard-ons during Palin's speech... do your magic.

Coaltrain said...

Not only will I interview the hell out of rabid reTHUGlicans (<---got em!), I will do it as a correspondent for EMB News.

I'm also planning to go to the Bill Clinton event at VCU Commons @ 9 the night before, so I can compare the two crowds.

Dave, I just need to know one thing:

Can I use your voice-recorder thing?

Thanks brah.

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