Daves and Daving: The Album

How do we revitalize the Blog? How do we, in the words of the poet, ensure that this is no "epic fail?" Well, Eddie has got me thinking. And what's more, I know, after reading Eddie's post, what you're thinking:

"Hmm, what should I do with all those throwaway songs I've written about Dave but keep hidden in the deepest recesses of my hard drive? I've always wanted to play them for someone, but could never find the audience! Besides, what if Dave finds out? It will be embarrassing."

Well, let me tell you something. You're thinking it, I'm thinking it, we are all thinking it. I think it's time we got this Blog back together. Through music. And Dave.

I'm going to suggest that we all comb through our music drives and ITunes folders, find all the songs we've written and sung about Dave, and post them on the site! I've always wondered what I should do with the light-hearted, country romp I call "You Still Look Like Tom Green (Even With the Beard)," and the aching wistfulness of "Novembers with Dave," not to mention the smooth, Captain and Tennille-inspired sounds of "Always a Jew to Me" and the jazzy bossanova of "The McClendon Shuffle." I may even introduce the world to "Dave Meditiation #34," an in-progress avant garde work in the tradition of John Cage. I can only hope that such classics as Matt Newman's outlandishly raunchy re-working of a Tallest Highest standard, "New Pair of Thighs," and Brandon Martin's kid-friendly singalong "D is for Dave," will be included. Hearing those songs will certainly take me back! Who knows, maybe I can even scrounge up some gritty Zach Brown B-sides and rarities. We all know how many Dave songs he's got in his back catalogue!

As the aforementioned Captain once told us, "Love will keep us together." What he neglected to add after "love" was "of Dave." And what better way to demonstrate such love AND steer our Blogship around, than to show Dave, and the world, every song we've written about him.

I hope you're with me.


TheBroWhisperer said...

fuck. the only song i've written about david is that first kid rock song, but with "Dave" in place of the word "kid."

TheBroWhisperer said...

also, we need a new tag:


i count at least half a dozen entries that fit. what are we-- ron paul supporters?

Leaves n' Leavin' said...

good form, matthew. excellent post.

Andy said...

metablogging. i like it. could we sustain a blog based around the state of itself? Also I think we should run with the metaphor of the "blogship." maybe we should consult a blog sextant.

Andy said...

actually i just remembered -- the song harold apartment was about you, dave

Newman said...

I'd also include "Dave in my Dave," "You gotta Dave it," and the Kraftwerk inspired "McClendigon"

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