Palin Syrah

This report comes to us via the "Serious Eats Team", who are, we assume, quite serious about all things gastronomical.

S.E.T. writes that beginning in September, a wine bar in San Fransisco saw a dramatic drop in sales for the Palin Syrah -- a cheap ($13), organic, Chilean wine -- which until that point had been the bar's top seller.

No word yet on sales nationwide, but one can assume that this is about to become the most hipster wine ever.

Also, can Bsmith get us some? Like now?

Also II, I think I like this impersonation of Palin more than Tina Fey:

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So far she's recorded eight vlogs (officially my new favorite web term) on 23/6 @ the Huff Post.

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Hot Eatz said...

In a similar story, the company that makes Palin's eyeglasses are back ordered for like 4 years.

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