THIS. is sweet.

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OK, where to start? The lack of a coherent historical or aesthetic backdrop (pirates? Tolkein? 18th century London?), the complete absence of anything resembling an identifiable narrative (trust me, I've watched this about 25 times, and still can't figure out what the floating skeletons with fire inside their ribcages are doing), the mustache, the obscenely enormous hordes of CGI dragons, the inexplicably large budget, the mustache...we could really create an entire blog devoted to the sort of hermeneutical gymnastics that something like this deserves. The only thing it lacks (and it feels heretical to offer even the slightest criticism) is Chris Dane Owens shredding a sick solo on that glittering abomination of his. That brief quibble aside, I think it's safe to say that if there ever were an objet d'art about which one needn't ask the question, "Is this sweet?", this video is it.

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Newman said...

The staggering thing is the production value. This video cost thousands of dollars, and that's assuming he got a non-union dragon.

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