An Epic Christmas Gift!

Well folks, we've done it again! We present to you the Contra Band's seventh Christmas album entitled "No Christmas While You're Luke." Here's a link to download your copy today!

A few of our contributors (including myself) are/were members of The Contra Band. What started as a high school band has now become an annual gathering of friends with the expressed purpose of recording a Christmas album. As I've already noted, this album is the seventh Christmas album in the collection.

In truth, this year's album almost didn't happen. First off, Luke bailed. Second, Brandon informed us that he no longer had a bass drum. And third, as Eddie and I sat in Chipotle eating our respective burritos, we found out that Brandon was stuck in traffic on I-95 in Northern VA. Eddie and I began speculating on what kind of sound we wanted to have on this album, or perhaps it is more appropriate to say what kind of sound we COULD get on this album. We decided to do something a little different than usual. Instead of writing grandiose, post-rock jams coupled with absurd pop ramblings, we opted for minimalism and brevity as our guiding musical ideas. Fortunately (for us and the album) Brandon did end up arriving on time and his presence is felt on the tracks to which he contributed.

Anyways, I speak for everyone here at Epic Mail when I wish you an Epic Christmas! Stay tuned for more Epic 10's later this week and next week.


Coaltrain said...

No, you guys don't understand, this is part of the tradition!

Every six years, I'm not there for the Christmas album. I missed 2002, I missed this year, and I sure as hell won't be there in 2014 either!


Charlotte said...

I liiiiiiive for this picture.

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