Epic 10 Addendum

This is just a quick post to clear up any confusion. Your Epic 10 List should be a miscellaneous list of your favorite things of 2008. For example, a list could include your favorite song, favorite new tv show obsession, what you consider to be the best news story of the year... etc. The important thing is that you're not picking ONE category like "youtube videos" and picking your top ten videos. You would pick your favorite youtube video and put it in your miscellaneous Epic 10 List.

Another point: the cultural artifacts, be they books, music, or films, don't have to have come out in 2008. However, YOU have to have come across them and experienced their epic-ness over the course of 2008. The point of the Epic 10 is to make each item as personal as possible. It's not enough to list what you consider to be the "best song of 2008." Tell us WHY it is the best song and tell us what experience you had with it that made it truly epic. You've only got ten spots so make sure you choose wisely.

As far as WHEN you should post, any time from now till the new year would be fine. So start gathering your personal Epic 10!

I'd also like to officially welcome Chris to the elite class of Epic Mailers. He has already proven himself a worthy mailer with his first post.

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