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Barney Frank is coming up so huge during this whole bail-out ordeal.

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Anonymous said...

Be that as it may, Chris Dodd is taking an elevator down to the depths on this one.

Why, Mr. Dodd? We first noticed you when you belted out some Spanish during the early democratic debates last year - take that, Bill Richardson! Your subjunctive was impeccable. We loved you so after FISA and telecom immunity: you and Glenn Greenwald and Russ Feingold thumping chests in the Senate Health and Fitness Facility. We're a little ashamed to admit it now, but we actually called your office, just to say thanks.

But now this. We know you represent Connecticut, but Senator, where's the freedom from government fiddling in this one? You took us so high, Mr. Dodd, and now we're just let down.

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