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Inspired by this article in the Onion's AV Club, and in response to the "current events"/DIGG content of the preceding posts, I've decided to assemble my own Autumnal Top-5:

1. "Maple Leaves" - Jens Lekman
This song has everything you want in an autumn song. From the soaring strings to the burning nostalgia... hell, even the TITLE screams "LISTEN WITH A SWEATER!" No other song makes you want to call up your ex-girlfriend and ask her to go jumping in a pile of newly fallen leaves... or better yet, makes you WISH you could call her but you know you can't because it just hurts too damn much.

"The Poacher" - Ronnie Lane and the Slim Chance
Woah strings! This song has the benefit of being a perfect Fall song while at the same time bringing in the Palin voters. Unlike Jens, Ronnie Lane opts for a song that SOUNDS like the nostalgia-filled autumnal bliss you desire while simultaneously being full of hunting references. I don't know who the Poacher is but he sure makes the leaves fall.

3. "To Go Home" - M. Ward
Talk all you want about how Daniel Johnston isn't outsider art but this version rocks way harder and shakes the trees full of dead leaves ten times as vigorously. Nostalgia, group vocals, pound acoustic guitars and pianos... and those sweet dulcet tones courtesy of M. Ward.

"Pink Frost" - The Chills
A song about killing your wife might not seem to embody the leaves n' leaving ethos, but a closer look reveals the contrary. In fact, it's merely a dream the narrator is having! In this context we see the narrator as having doubts about his relationship and pining for a more perfect self and partner that is just out of reach - thus, the leaves AND the leaving. The opening guitars make this song so sublime. It starts off rocking and poppy and then... then it kills you with a duel guitar/bass harmony. Nothing better.

5. "Thoughts Are Leaves" - Bob Marlow's Weekender Music
A personal friend who should be way more famous than he is. The name of the song says it all. Every time a tambourine rings, a leafe falls. Stop making chemicals, Bob, and make more autumn tracks!!!

That's enough for now. Get back to politicizing, bros.

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Andy Beers said...

lists ended with college, bro

now we're into "uppers"

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