Leaves and Leavin'

Okay Dave. You wanna talk leaves and leaving? Lets do this shit:

1. Wilco- Sunken Treasure: I could probably listen to only this song from October through late November and be completely fine with it. I mean shit, look at the lyrics:

All the leaves will burn

In autumn fires and then return
For all the fires we burn
All will return

Doesn't get anymore leaves and leaving than that.

2. Wolf Parade- Dinner Bells: I distinctly recall buying this album and driving around downtown with fall in full blast.

This song came on and I knew what leaves and leaving meant before it was even a colloquialism.

That is all I feel like writing for now. To be continued?


Coaltrain said...

Brandon, you can't try to throw down in a mixtape battle and then puss out after track 2. The D don't play that shit.

Andy Beers said...

Yeah... Luke has a point. Even though the two songs you posted were "fall as shit."

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