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Epic Hobby - Homebrewing
While I was introduced to the hobby (through OKAYGUYS) a couple years ago, 2008 saw a huge rise in my actually doing it. While I'm still getting my hands around everything (side note: if you ever ferment with oak chips use a muslin bag), brewing your own beer is totally sweet. You enjoy your own beer, understand others better, and have something great to do with buds for a few hours on the weekend. I would warn against a trend I have seen all to often, picking up the hobby and then becoming a complete asshole about it.

Epic Fun Time - The Wii
I got a Wii this year and while I can't blow away zombies in Left 4 Dead, or dig through trash cans in Fallout 3, I can blow away zombies in Resident Evil 4 and break open gourds in Twilight Princess. I don't really do the hardcore gaming I used to, and like having something entertaining to do when friends come over for some drinks. It's just plain fun, though I do maybe plan on buying an xbox anyway.

Epic Nerdlinger - John Hodgman
The PC guy from those Mac commercials had a huge year. Perhaps more digestible by normal folk, he joins Guillermo in the mainstreaming of nerdlingerliness. I've really enjoyed his musings and general approach to thought, though I haven't yet gotten to his latest book. I think the thing I appreciate most is his celebration of his nerddom. He'll never grow up to be a fireman or an astronaut, but he's got his own thing pretty well down pat. Though his ukulele playing is still unsettling.

Epic Brewpub - Piece
Piece brews their own beer, cooks you a pizza, and occasionally hosts Talking Heads tribute bands. It's a deal as long as you don't mind being surrounded by like 30 TVs and some bros from De Paul university. OKAYGUYS and I split and finished a large pizza there. You can also order mashed potatoes, if that's your thing.

Epic Disappointment - The Chicago Cubs
I moved to Chicago two summers ago, and while looking for a job in my apartment, there was no better way to pass the time than watching the Cubs. I've since been to several games at Wrigley, and the atmosphere there is completely contagious. I'd call myself a Cubs fan. As you may or may not be aware, the Cubbies were coming up huge all season. When Fukudome turned out to be total crap, Geo came up with the big plays. When they made it to the post-season however, they played like chumps and lost so huge it didn't make any sense. The only good to come from this is that now I've earned a little clout as a Cubs fan (hey I was there for the 2008 season).

Epic Cookie - The Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
This cookie came up so huge this year. They are ridiculously easy to make, delicious, and stay chewy and delectable for several days after baking. Now I know what you're thinking, but what about oatmeal raisin? Fuck oatmeal raisin. Take out all that fruit nonsense and put in some delicious chocolate. Now you've got a cookie.

Epic Comeback - America

Much like the McRib, America is back. The election has me feeling involved in a way that I haven't since watching 4th of July fireworks at The Diamond while Lee Greenwood blared. I know I'm not the only one swept up in America fever, and that's the whole point.

Epic Discovery - Technology
I'd like to place into this category the explosion of stuff I acquired/downloaded/got involved in this year, and it's starts with the iPhone. Which in turn got me downloading podcasts. I now write for a blog, soon I'll have nano-robots swimming in my bloodstream. I know these things have been around for a while now, but I wasn't using them, and now that I am it's not so bad. I'll probably eat my words later when I'm a slave to the cyborg armada, forced underground to mine the crystals they eat for energy.

Epic Band (non-fictitious) - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
It's as though someone took My Bloody Valentine and stopped their musical development at Sunny Sundae Smile. Despite having a name that sounds like it was invented by 13 year-olds who stole their older sister's Joy Division tape, Pains brings twee pop to the next level in a way that doesn't really change much about it to begin with.

Epic Beverage (non-beer) - The Highball
Highballs can be made a couple ways, my favorite is Bourbon and Ginger ale. Again I will point to its ease of making and subsequent deliciousness. I used to make them for my grandma every now and then, but hadn't really explored it myself. Now I have, and can say, she was really on to something.


Edgar Keats said...

I share your hatred of oatmeal raisin. I'll have to try this oatmeal chocolate chip. Nice 10 mang.


You win the prize for best image accompaniments. The eagle tearing into the swan is a particular favorite. Great list.

Coaltrain said...


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