Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Anyone have any good new years stories? I'd relate some, but I can't really remember any, except for the fact that I joked about a "bathroom mack" a lot. My friends' macks were all huge, and I wanted to give a big public thank you to Jessica, Gabrielle, and Devan for making sure I didn't die last night.


jessica said...

you are my new favorite drunk. your bathroom mack must have been huge.

Gabrielle said...

i must agree that your "sprawled next to the toilet" mack was a force to be reckoned with.

al;ec said...

here's a great story! you were lying face-down on the floor of my room. you were mostly unresponsive. i got you to move to the pull-out bed, after much cajoling and muttering. after all this i played some drunken joanna newsom and you managed this statement:

"you can go downstairs, it's fine"

happy new year my friend

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