2008 Text Message Census: A Study in Inanity

Today, deleting numerous entries from the "Sent" text message folder of my phone, I decided to keep track of recurring messages, general trends, and strange occurrences (these messages are only those that occurred between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am). The results, in no particular order:

1. Anything to do with "the mack" (this includes "the mack is huge," "the mack goes international," "nothing can stop this mack," "mack attack," "British sculptress mack," "you have to see this mack," and the simple yet elegant "the mack"): 19 entries
2. "Sneak," "kriek," or "skreek": 5 entries
3. "L love you Dave": 1 entry
4. "I am lying in a pile of trash": 1 entry
5. "I said a ygbkmg": 2 entries
6. "Got em": 3 entries
7. "Jager bombs" or "Jage bems" (includes images of jagerbombs): 5 entries
8. Anything crudely written in Jerseyesque dialect (including the somewhat inexplicable "ya motha's baked ziti"): 4 entries
9. "You gotta sneak it": 1 entry
10. "Chub toad" or "Old chub toad": 2 entries
11. Nonsensical jumbles of letters: 2 entries
12. "Gotta do it" or "I did it" or "you did it": 5 entries
13. Anything resembling a coherent or worthwhile thought ("no its a right off of 14th"): 1 entry

1 comment:

Leaves n' Leavin' said...

haha - L Love you too, matt

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