Dance Party Fodder

I have a request.

Can someone who knows what they're doing please make a crazy, synthed-out remix of this yeah yeah yeahs song? It's already so fucking danceable it's ridiculous, but it has virtually unlimited potential. And the hypemachines of the world are letting me down.

Andy, I'm looking at you.


devan said...

1. also love this song
2. second this request

Rebecca said...

I've been a huge fan of this blog ever since I saw it mentioned in the October12th NYT Sunday Styles section.

I just wanted to write in and say that it really bums me out whenever I check for new posts and there are none to be found. Sometimes I end up just chilling here for a while anyway, "siftin' through some vintage" as we say in the blogosphere. You know, like when you've finshed eating ribs and all of a sudden realize that you've been sucking the marrow out of some now-translucent bone for the past half an hour. And then, mid-gnaw, you look over at the tin foil and discover one more rib, and you go at that thing like a baby hyena just learning to eat his kill.

That's how I want to feel. Please give me that feeling again.

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