OK, no, seriously -- Is This Sweet?

This may be the most random (but somehow maybe possibly great?) super-group of all time:
According to Billboard.com, there's a new band that exists on earth called Tinted Windows featuring former Smashing Pumpkin James Iha, Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos, handsome Hanson brother Taylor, and Fountains of Wayne bassist Adam Schlesinger.


Apparently, the band have already recorded their debut album in New York and are set to make their big time live splash at Billboard's SXSW showcase March 20 in Austin.
Maybe it's just that I'm exceedingly happy to see news involving an ex-Smashing Pumpkin that doesn't make me want to stab Billy Corgan in the face, but I see reason to be cautiously optimistic about this.

--James Iha -- despite looking like a stoned asian space alien -- was always cool.
--Cheap Trick is Cheap Trick
--Taylor Hanson is a cutie. And he did that cover of Radiohead's "Optimistic" once.
--Fountains of Wayne -- I've been informed by multiple sources -- are not nearly as reprehensible as "Stacy's Mom" once had me believe.

PS: What is it about bizarre super-groups that causes them to choose the shittiest, most generic names names ever? I mean, Tinted Windows is bad... but what about Velvet Revolver? Or the time the dudes in a band called fucking Rage Against The Machine couldn't come up with anything better than Audioslave?

PPS: For Brandon.


Edgar Keats said...

Was Jets To Brazil a supergroup? I don't get it.

Daves n' Davin' said...

brands n' brandon, dude.

Coaltrain said...

got 'em.

Edgar Keats said...


Jim Ryan said...


There's your taste! Basically FoW plus late-period Hanson. Or in other words, the thirty-something's Jonas Brothers.

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